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The important bit: $8,000.
The details: It's a 2011 Husaberg FE570. Street legal. California plated. Reg paid through 02/2017. It has a 2010 motor (I blew the original - lost coolant at 70mph) sourced from the UK. All legit. Motor was installed by a competent mechanic (i.e. not me) about 2 years ago and the valves were checked at that time. Since then, I've probably ridden it about 10 hours or so (and changed the oil a couple of times). It has a 70 degree aux fuel tank installed (additional 1.1 gal). Total range about 130 miles. I've never actually tested the full range. These aux-tanks are now extremely hard to get (if at all). I have the 3rd gen. The earlier versions of the aux tank had issues, this latest version has been trouble-free for me. Spares & stuff installed:
  • I have the remains of the original motor in a crate. Most of it is reusable, but it needs a good cleaning. When it blew, the internal plastic cam chain guide melted and got shredded by the cam chain, throwing all its bits into the head. This caused the head to get starved of oil and drop a valve.
  • Spare stock subframe.
  • Spare stock fuel tank.
  • HDB (see top clamp with 2" rise.
  • HDB hand guards.
  • Lightweight (Anti Gravity) battery.
  • Newer injector (with inline filter) also additional "filter sock" in tank filler.
  • Renazco seat.
  • Ohlins low-profile steering damper.
  • HID headlight.
  • LED spotlight.
  • LED taillight & indicators (indicators not currently functional).
  • Hyde racing bash-plate.
  • Spare carbon-fiber bash plate (needs some trimming to make it fit).
  • Custom carbon ignition cover.
  • Service manual (CD & printed)
  • After market chain adjusters (can't remember brand- Bolt?).
  • Motion Pro rimlocks.
  • Handlebar mounted ignition map selector.
  • Scotts oil filter.
  • Rekluse Core EXP clutch (with blue Husaberg aluminum cover).
  • FMF Q4 slip on (also have stock pipe).
  • Spare clutch cover.
  • Spare white tail plastic.
  • Pro-moto billet kick stand.
  • A few misc spare parts (gaskets, air filters, etc).
  • Header pipe is ceramic coated (and wrapped).
  • Underside of tank has reflective insulation tape installed.
  • Radiator fan.
  • Samco [blue] radiator hoses.
That's all I can think of. I might have missed of one or two little things, but that's the important bits. Overall the bike has almost 4,000 miles on it, give or take (total of 165 hrs). I don't know how many since I had the new motor put in, maybe about 10-12 hours. Valves were checked when the motor was put in. I am the second owner. The bike has never given me any issues. Starts right up cold or hot. Runs well at sea level and 8,000 feet. As far as I know it has the updated fuel pump - I've never had issues with it. It has an inline 20 micron fuel filter installed as well as a filter-sock in the filler neck (belt & suspenders approach). I replaced the injector after I'd had the bike about a year. I'll try and get some pictures up soon, but it's pretty clean so any web search will show you what it looks like. It's not a showroom queen, but it's not been babied either. It's a dirt-bike and it's been in the dirt. It's taken a few dirt-naps. From Death Valley to Tahoe. It's had regular oil changes with top quality stuff (usually Motorex). No, I will not split it. No, I will not take a Western Union money order or any other cashier's check. I accept folding green beer tokens, aka cash.